In my time writing software I have worked on a wide spectrum of projects spanning many different technologies and stacks.

Web development

  • Brickompare
    A LEGO price comparison site that analyses NZ retailers.
    Technologies used: Next.js icon React icon + Express icon

Application development

  • Eversticky GitHub Repo stars
    A desktop sticky note application that syncs to Evernote.
    Technologies used: C++ icon Qt icon
    Learn more | Website | Repo

  • Crypt Looter
    A Java top-down 2D pixel game with custom map support.
    Technologies used: Java icon (using Swing)
    Learn more | Repo

Smaller tools/repositories

  • Netlify CMS Docker Image GitHub Repo stars
    A docker image for self-hosting Netlify CMS. Bundles authentication provider.
    Learn more | Repo

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