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License: Project license
Technologies used: Java icon (using Swing)

Crypt Looter screenshot
Crypt Looter screenshot

Developed in 2019 as a third-year Object Oriented Programming project.

We were tasked with designing and developing a 'Legend of Zelda' clone from the ground up. The game had to appeal to children aged twelve and up, and contain many base features - including a leaderboard, multiple enemies, a boss, etc.

To make the task more challenging, it was dictated that the game could only make use of the Swing UI library.


  • An option at the main menu to load a custom map made with the Tiled Map Editor. The user should create the map by following the supplied template, using different layers to set platform heights, collisions, enemy and item collisions, etc.
  • Collisions between platform heights is generated automatically after reading in the map.
  • All enemies, players and bosses have animations while walking or attacking.
  • A number of enemies including a skeleton that performs melee attack and a boss that fires projectiles out in eight-directions from itself. These enemies start chasing after the playing when in the near vicinity. The player experiences damage when hit by their attacks (also visually demonstrated by a red flash).
  • High score board that allows users to set a custom nickname.
  • Compiled into a cross platform Jar file